A Total Drinks Guide On Celebrating Burns Night In Style

What is Burns Night? 

Burns night or Burns supper is a staple of Scottish culture and national identity. First held in 1801, Burns night has been celebrated every year since to mark the birth of legendary Scottish poet Robert Burns.
burns night
If you want to learn more about Burns supper or the legendary bard, Robert Burns himself, you can do so by checking out the Ultimate Guide to Burns Night.
Now, as you’d expect, such a Scottish occasion calls for an undeniably Scottish meal, but we here at Total Drinks are only going to focus on the fun stuff- drinking!
So if you want to know more about Burns night food or need some fresh new Burns supper menu ideas, click here.
But for now, let’s focus on what really matters!

The Drinks

Outside of the haggis, one of the essential parts of Robbie Burns Day is the whisky. If you’re a traditionalist, Scotch is a must.
Our pick: Robert Burns Single Malt
If you’re looking for a good bottle of Scotch for Burns Night, you could do far worse than picking up one created in his honour.
The World Burns Federation officially endorsed this single malt from the Isle of Arran distillery, plus his face on the bottle, so it couldn’t be more perfect, could it? 
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The Glenlivet Founder's Scotch Whisky Gift Box with Accessories
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How about a Cocktail?
Scots serve: The Auld (Old) Fashioned The Old Fashioned is a classic for a reason, and this is a surefire recipe perfect for toasting the Bard himself.
60 ml Scotch whisky or bourbon
2 tsp sugar syrup or 1 tsp granulated sugar
1-2 dashes of Orange bitters
Splash of water
Soda water (optional)
Orange slice
Maraschino cherry (optional)
Step 1: Start by putting a level teaspoon of brown sugar into an old-fashioned glass, then add a splash of hot water and two dashes of Orange Bitters.
Step 2: Stir vigorously so the sugar dissolves, then add 60ml of your whisky/bourbon of choice.
Step 3: Stir a bit more, add ice cubes, then, you guessed it, stir a little more and garnish with a piece of orange peel.

So what are you waiting for? Get the Bagpipes out, turn on Spotify, and get your Burns night 2023 in full swing! Happy Burns Night!